A Caring And Effective Way to Communicate....What Color Are You Today?

ColorTalk is the new 21st century concept in communication...and  Great Communication is the cornerstone of ALL successful relationships.

ColorTalk enhances communication in relationships of ALL kinds, by allowing you to send concise, productive messages in a caring way from your iPhone. With a growing catalog of 150 cards, feelings of Joy, Sadness, Anger and Friendship are powerfully conveyed to your loved ones and friends in a very positive way.

ColorTalk is especially useful when traveling, at work, and during those times when talking or typing out text messages is not possible or appropriate. ColorTalk has a very simple, easy to use interface that can deliver cards in seconds.

From Friendship, to Dating, to Marriage, ColorTalk has a card for practically every sentiment, mood and situation--with one exception: We don't have cards to help end relationships....You'll have to find your own words for that.

What Color Are You Today?

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